LexisNexis Community Management

Virtual Events: Martindale.com Connected

Mike Mintz and My Media Labs created more than thirty virtual and hybrid (in-person and online) events for LexisNexis to drive membership and engagement in the company’s professional lawyer network, martindale.com Connected. We implemented a strategy of establishing monthly themes in the community based on different areas of law important to our members. We then planned content activities, such as webinars, podcasts, member video interviews, eBooks, blog posts and “Twitter Talks” (scheduled, Q&A discussions on Twitter using industry experts) to create network interest. During the two-year engagement we grew the network to 60,000 legal professionals, generated millions of page views and thousands of downloads of our content.

Webinars, Podcasts, Videos, Blog Posts, eBooks, Twitter Talks, and Community Management

Date Published
Summer 2009 to Winter 2011


Event Example: Social Marketing for Lawyers

Martindale.com had grown it’s network of lawyers to more than 50,000 members by the time we did the event “Social Marketing for Lawyers”. They now wanted to establish thought leadership in this area prior to launching a new law firm marketing product. By empowering customers to understand what makes law firm marketing effective, our client sought to increase prospects for these new marketing products.

Our Work

  • Produced six podcasts to provide recasting materials for the event
  • Created and published two eBooks based on the event
  • Drafted two landing pages for each event
  • Community management and content for two online focus groups


  • 4,000+ playbacks generated by the podcasts
  • 3,000+ customers downloaded the free eBooks
  • 1,000+ joined the online groups and generated 21 event discussions
  • Marketing product launched generated millions of dollars in the first year

  • Increased Revenue 90%
  • New Members 70%
  • Content Downloads 80%