Connected Pulse: Video Interviews

Video Interview Series: “The Connected Pulse”

From 2009 to 2011, Mike Mintz managed the legal professional network Connected. Under his leadership the network surpassed 60,000 members in just two-years and produced thousands of posts. All online communities face challenges when it comes to creating content that engages members and provides great resources. “The Connected Pulse” evolved into a monthly interview series of members with expertise in certain areas of law and legal practice. Mike produced, starred in and edited all of the videos in the series. Putting an entertaining spin on the interviews, he added “pop-up” comments to highlight key points and add some humor to the videos.

Video Production, Video Editing, Journalism, Community Management and YouTube

Date Published
Summer 2009 to Winter 2011

Client Connected

Video Examples From The Connected Pulse


Antone Johnson, former lawyer for MySpace and eHarmony

We sat down with Antone Johnson, Principle of Bottom Line Law Group and former GC of e-Harmony and one of the original lawyers at MySpace. He spoke about technology, growing companies through international expansion, and even told us his favorite curse word in our new feature “Inside the Lawyer’s Studio.”

Carolyn Elefant

Carolyn Elefant of has the longest running blog about small law and solo law offices. Started in 2002, she has been one of the foremost voices on the subject of running your law office and virtual law firms. We discussed her site, virtual law firms, and her favorite word (you’ll never guess what it is).

Jim Carey

As part of our Navigating the Ethical Pitfalls of Social Media, we sat down with Professor Jim Carey for a talk about how social media is changing the world of finance. As an expert in SEC compliance he gave us a lot to think about.

Our Work

  • Produced more than 20 video interviews for YouTube channel
  • Promoted videos through social media channels, dedicated landing pages and community online events
  • Use video opportunities to engage high profile members and provide incentive for network participation


  • Thousands of total views on our video series
  • 30& increase in member postings, ratings and commenting during months with video interviews
  • 50% increase in new member sign ups when promoting the video series (made activities more visible)