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Paint the Fence: Leveraging Network and Social Media to Succeed

This talk started as a Nefesh B’Nefesh seminar on using social media to achieve professional goals after Aliyah. More than forty people attended the first presentation in Jerusalem, Israel in the summer of 2013. The ideas presented centered around finding a way to tell your professional story using content and social media. Then find ways to work smarter, both in terms of networking and entrepreneurship. Chock full of references to 1980’s and 1990’s pop-culture, Paint the Fence encourages all of us to think differently about how to get results while having fun at the same time.

Social Media, Networking, Content Creation and Presenting

Date Published
Summer 2013

Nefesh B’Nefesh


“Producing content online gives you a body of work that best represents what you do and more importantly what you are capable of.”

Working Smarter

Creating content and strategically sharing it online gives anyone an edge. It’s a smarter way to work because people can find your content and get a flavor for what you can do before you even say a word to them. If you can generate even more content, by working in social networks and finding new ways to capture and share your ideas, the content practically generates itself. You will achieve the effectiveness that Tom Sawyer implemented in Mark Twain’s famous American tale about the boy who didn’t want to paint the fence on a Sunday morning, and got his friends to do it by making it look fun.

Hybrid Online and In Person Event

We first presented Paint the Fence as a live, in-person event simultaneously broadcast to online users via Google Hangouts and YouTube On Air. It has reached thousands of people as a result, with the following breakdown as shown below.

  • Live Attendees 20%
  • Watched Online 60%
  • Downloaded Materials 70%

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