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Mike Mintz, Creative Director & Owner

Successful entrepreneur and marketer Mike Mintz has been called a modern day “Renaissance Man” for his achievements across diverse fields, including professional theater, competitive martial arts, public speaking, law and publishing. Mike’s experiences provide a rich and engaging backdrop for creative and professional marketing that fits any industry. MAn expert in WordPress, social media and marketing, Mike has taught university level courses and professionals seminars to help thousands of professionals to harness the power of the Internet to achieve professional goals.

Some Examples of Our Work

Here are some examples of Mike’s past work and the kinds of things we produce at My Media Labs.

Mike is one of the rarest kinds of exceptionally talented Community Managers … his vision, enthusiasm and ‘outside the box’ thinking will get anyone listening to him excited, and are a true testimony to his web 2.0 thinking and knowledge.

Alin Wagner-Lahmy,

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